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November 2020 Russian Masters MsN progra

For a printable programme notes click on the concert below:

August: Strictly Palm Court


4 September: The Sea


11th September: Rivers, Streams & Waterways

18th September: Sailing*

25th September: Water Dwellers

2nd & 9th October: L'Entente Cordiale

* Click here for a reading of 'The Wind on the Downs', by Marian Allen, a poem which matches the sentiment of The Towing Path.

Frome Series

First Wednesdays at 1pm

at the Bennett Centre, Vicarage Street, Frome BA1 1PU

Bennett Centre 2020 flyer.png

Bradford-on-Avon Series

First Thursdays at 10.45am

at Holy Trinity Church, Church Street, Bradford-on-Avon  BA15 1LW

Bradford Flyer 2020.PNG

Trowbridge Series

First Thursdays at 1.15pm

at The Park Club, Trowbridge Town Park BA14 7EH

Trowbridge 2020 flyer version 2.PNG

Midsomer Norton Series

First Fridays at 12.30pm

at Midsomer Norton Town Hall BA3 2HQ

MsN Spring 2020 flyer.PNG